Evan Silver is part of The Director's Guild's
Newest Class of Episodic Television Directors! Go Evan!!

Director Evan Silver Has "COVID-19 Brainstorm" In Humorous Short
About Content Creation Struggles During The Quarantine

Evan Silver's cheeky look at constricted creativity

Winner! Comedy Central's promo starring Martha Stewart wins a Shorty Award

Martha Stewart Gives a Sharp Performance in This Comedy Central Video and the Internet Responded

Evan Silver selected into the DGA's 2019/20 Television Directing Program!

Forbes "10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials" Chunky Milk for MINT MOBILE [#6]

The Best Super Bowl Commercials [MINT MOBILE #7 of 51]

Can Emoji Vibrators Close the ‘Climax Gap’ Between Women and Men? Agency: Terri & Sandy

Profile Evan Silver: A Few Of My Favourite Things

Sitcom-style ads for Pizza Hut from Comedy Central

EDITOR'S PICK: This Dark Short Imagines How the Selfie Stick was Invented.

Burger King and Snoop Dogg go viral

EDITOR'S PICK: Burger King

The Daily Show creates branded content for Honda

Ad of the Day: MTV tackles race in pointed campaign

Satirical Ad Goes Viral With a Controversial Jab at White Privilege

With MTV'S "White Squad," The Perks of White Privilege."

With MTV'S "White Squad," The Perks of White Privilege."

Comedy Central and Iliza Shlesinger create branded series for Hyatt


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